Meet the people who bring your pictures to life! The ones who will work with you through the entire set-up of your BIG Day or any session. These are the people that will be there to set up all the details of your shoot, the one you will work closely with on the day of and will be but a phone call or message away.

  • Rebecca

  • The one and only! She started it all from nothing with her husband by her side pushing her, never giving up on her dream. Rebecca is the more serious one of the group working constantly to deliver perfect photos to her clients. But through it all she takes time out to spend with her family and travel as much as possible!

    Rebecca puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a Perfectionist. Trust that this will go into anything Rebecca does. Whether it's your Big Day, an engagement session or a boudoir session she makes sure it is the best. When you get Rebecca you not only get her but you get her traits that will make things even better. She will be there to make sure your boobs aren't falling out of your dress lol. She will help put your veil in even touch up your makeup for you if needed. Rebecca is a female and sometimes it pays to have a female there for your day because they understand more of what is going on! She is after all Rebecca Marie!

  • Corey

  • Brings the fun to the party! He has been there since the beginning supporting his wife Rebecca. When it comes to Corey he is not only professional but the fun light hearted part of this Photography family! He's lighthearted and can bring a smile or laughter to anyones face.

    Corey will make you fill more than just a client his goal is to make you a friend. He's not afraid to cut a rug in the dance floor with the bride and bridesmaids or chill and have a beer with the groom and groomsmen. He's always helping someone tie their tie and keeping a shoehorn on hand to assist.But When it time to get down to work he will make sure your dress is fluffed to perfection and that nothing from the first kiss and I DO's to the final cutting of that delicious cake your mom spent a fortune on lol.

  • Callie

  • Well Callie is Callie enough said.