Group Empowerment Shoot

This shoot is FREE for everyone, and is meant to empower us all – as beautiful women!

Date: Friday, March 17

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: TBD (I will text you all via the number you fill out the form with)

This shoot requires a model release, allowing me to freely use the photos on my website, facebook, instagram, etc. There will be a model release to sign at the shoot.

Shoot will be mostly group photos, with some individuals as well (time and light permitting).

If at any way possible, please wear loose fitting clothes to keep from having lines on your skin! (Looser panties, no bra, no socks, etc.) If you can’t keep from wearing these things, I totally understand – as I’m sure many of you will be coming from work! The shoot will be NUDE or with panties. SOLID nude or black panties please!! Any kind is fine (thong, granny panties, boyshorts, etc).

I welcome any and all body type, hair style, tattoos or none, piercings, age, etc. <3